My Yearly Favourites

After a bit of bored thinking I decided that this section will contain a collection of galleries based around my photographic year, and my favourites from that year. So…. simply put, each of the galleries will contain a selection of my ‘current’ favourite photographs from each chosen year.

I chose them (my favourites) as i tend to do with most things; by looking at them quickly and grabbing the ones which caught my attention.

So in reality they are just a snapshot.. Had i looked at another time, on another day, I may well have chosen a set of completely different photographs. It is very likely that over time I will replace some of the photos in the galleries to take account of my changing thoughts.. As I get new favourites.

2023 Favourites

At the moment I only have the one gallery of my favourites.. and this is it, from 2023. A year still in progress.


Most, if not all, of the photographs in these galleries have previously been uploaded to my Instagram account. The following link will take you to my online Instagram profile.

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