About me

My name is Kevin. For the purposes of this website I am a photographer. This page is nearly all about me.

A photograph of me on my about me page

This is me on my about me page during Covid times. The photograph is by David Drasdo.

I was born ages ago. I live in Hull… I like to go out, look at stuff, and take a photograph of it. Sometimes I dont take a photograph of it.. but it is always good to be out, looking at stuff, so i dont mind that.

More words about me

And I can be inspired by almost anything, though i dont really do people… they move about too much.

The cameras I use to create my photographs are built by Fujifilm.. I mostly use a mix of prime, and vintage lenses. I would list all the lenses but that would be daft (though never say never). Anyway, for what it is worth; my cameras are (currently) the XH1, XT2, X100F, and GW690III. I love them all…. Though the GW690III is for sale with a bag of film if youre interested. Contact me, if you are.

The following links are to my social media profiles. Im also on twitter but tbh, its not a pleasant place to be, so I’ve left it out. Anyway, feel free to follow me on any of those shown below. And say hello so i know you’re not a bot 😛