New Hong Kong Gallery

Hong Kong greengrocers

Hong Kong Prints

So I’ve created a gallery/shop on the ‘shootproof‘ platform for a selection of my Hong Kong photographs.

I spent a couple of weeks there in 2018. It was my second visit to the city, having previously been there for a few months in late 1997 / early 1998. Hong Kong gets into your blood.

I should go again. In fact everyone should go at least once.

For Sale

The photographs in the gallery are available to purchase; either as a (full resolution) digital download, or as a 10x8in print – printed on Fuji Fine Art Baryte Gloss (300gsm) paper.


The downloads cost £2, and the prints cost £9 plus postage and packing.

Though if you live near Glasgow in Scotland, you could save on the postage, and pick your print-up directly from Loxley Colour in Cumbernauld.

Anyway, here is the link

Tall Houses

tall houses in Scarborough

Albert Street

Tall houses on Albert Street in Scarborough. I mostly liked the shadows and the tallness of the houses. 3 storeys is good. I wonder why they were so tall… And 3 storeys on a hill seems a bit extravagant. But yeah, the shadows.

Tall houses and getting-smaller houses

Most houses in the UK are two-storeys high but these are 3. The average height of a house in the UK varies between 22 and 25 feet. So not that tall. Also in the UK we have some of the smallest houses in Europe.. Our newbuilds ARE the smallest in Europe. I believe we are the only european country not to have minimum-space standards for the homes we live in. We used to, but Thatcher got rid of them in 1980. And they’ve been shrinking ever since.

The Tunnel

humans in a tunnel

Long Dark Tunnel

Origin Unknown 🙂 This is a tunnel in York. It isnt that dark tbh but it does make use of good lighting.. And it is pretty long. Though I suppose we were veering into ‘piece of string territory’ with that statement. Anyway, when we found it I became excited. Personally I think York is dull and twee. A theme park. But it has its moments. And this is one of them. As are its riverside alleyways. If I remember I’ll post one of them later.

Pipelines and Passageways

A tunnel is an underground passageway. Commonly dug through surrounding soil, earth or rock, and enclosed except for the entrance and exit, usually at each end. Apparently a pipeline is not a tunnel, maybe that is a size thing. Maybe if it is big enough to walk-through it can become one. But then maybe it also needs entrances at each end. And if it has entrances maybe it is no longer a pipeline. Who cares.

A Crap Generated Poem

York’s ancient depths breathe, Tunnel whispers, secrets kept, Shadowed path, age weaves.

Abstract Urban Landscape

abstract urban facades

A Symphony of Geometric Form

Abstract urban architecture embodies a symphony of geometric forms and lines. Blending concrete and glass in a harmonious dance of modernity. It’s avant-garde designs challenge conventional norms. Provoking thought, and sparking a dynamic dialogue between urban spaces and human creativity.

Abstract Urban Landscape of Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s abstract urban landscape showcases a mesmerizing blend of towering skyscrapers, neon lights, and winding streets. Its vibrant energy and architectural marvels leave visitors awe-inspired and craving more. This photograph was taken in 2018 with my Fujifilm X100F.

Road Closed

barriers across a road saying 'road closed'

Our Silent Path

Road closed, our silent path, nature reclaims its domain, new routes yet to find. Road closed, barred and still. Detour through nature’s embrace, new paths, whispers thrive. Road closed! Cooled roads… Time.

Road Closed, Chaos Blooms

Silent asphalt waits, no wheels pass through its embrace. Lost in time’s stillness. Chaos blooms into stillness… road’s end brings new starts. Closed road, open mind, explore the unseen unknown. Adventure beckons. Corded loons schooled the donor. Beware the corded loons and beware the cooled roads, for they hold the secrets of a schooled donor. Thank you Ai.

The Bridge

a raised bridge

A Road to Nowhere

This bridge is gone now, it was up for ages, it was broken for ages, but now it has gone. Banksy even did a little stencil on it it was up that long. It was a dull little pun if I’m being honest. But other people liked it, they came from miles around to look at it. One person even came to throw paint on it. But now it is gone. I think the council have it under lock and key, ready for another day. I dont know if they have the whole road in a garage, or just a section of the road. Imagine having a garage big enough to put a road in.


cooling tower

Transitional Liminal Zone

“Edgelands is a term for the transitional, liminal zone of space created between rural and urban areas as formed by urbanisation. These spaces often contain nature alongside cities, towns, roads and other unsightly but necessary buildings, such as power substations or depots, at the edge of cities”


Bastard Countryside

Victor Hugo coined the term ‘Bastard Countryside’. I’d never heard of it before, but it is pretty good. I shall use it often, and impress people. They will think I am fascinating, and that I know more than they thought.

Pink Rain Lilly

pink rain lilly

A Pretty Pink Flower

Yeah I like flowers. And I like this pink one. A Pink Rain Lilly. Im trying to remember where I took the photograph. But it was a while ago (over 3 years to be vaguely exact) and my memory struggles. Pink and green go very well together dont you think?.

Pink Rain Lilly

Oh thank you Pink Rain Lilly. Because Ive had to write some words for the SEO ive now got that Psychedelic Furs song (Pretty in Pink) running through my brain… I sorta liked them for a bit, but not that song, in fact its maybe that song which put me off them. Anyway… Eugh.

The First Post

chemical factory pipes

Factory Pipes

There is no real reason why this would or should be the first post on my new website. But there had to be one, and I suppose this seemed as good as any. I like pipes, pipes are good, and so are factories.

The First Post

And these pipes are from a chemical factory on a riverbank.. Im pretty sure when i was a child this place used to pump its crap into the river, but I suppose /assume /hope that because we are modern and enlightened now that this foul loathsome practice has stopped now. The foul loathsome organ has ceased its dirty ditties.