The Tunnel

humans in a tunnel

Long Dark Tunnel

Origin Unknown 🙂 This is a tunnel in York. It isnt that dark tbh but it does make use of good lighting.. And it is pretty long. Though I suppose we were veering into ‘piece of string territory’ with that statement. Anyway, when we found it I became excited. Personally I think York is dull and twee. A theme park. But it has its moments. And this is one of them. As are its riverside alleyways. If I remember I’ll post one of them later.

Pipelines and Passageways

A tunnel is an underground passageway. Commonly dug through surrounding soil, earth or rock, and enclosed except for the entrance and exit, usually at each end. Apparently a pipeline is not a tunnel, maybe that is a size thing. Maybe if it is big enough to walk-through it can become one. But then maybe it also needs entrances at each end. And if it has entrances maybe it is no longer a pipeline. Who cares.

A Crap Generated Poem

York’s ancient depths breathe, Tunnel whispers, secrets kept, Shadowed path, age weaves.

Road Closed

barriers across a road saying 'road closed'

Our Silent Path

Road closed, our silent path, nature reclaims its domain, new routes yet to find. Road closed, barred and still. Detour through nature’s embrace, new paths, whispers thrive. Road closed! Cooled roads… Time.

Road Closed, Chaos Blooms

Silent asphalt waits, no wheels pass through its embrace. Lost in time’s stillness. Chaos blooms into stillness… road’s end brings new starts. Closed road, open mind, explore the unseen unknown. Adventure beckons. Corded loons schooled the donor. Beware the corded loons and beware the cooled roads, for they hold the secrets of a schooled donor. Thank you Ai.