The Tunnel

humans in a tunnel

Long Dark Tunnel

Origin Unknown 🙂 This is a tunnel in York. It isnt that dark tbh but it does make use of good lighting.. And it is pretty long. Though I suppose we were veering into ‘piece of string territory’ with that statement. Anyway, when we found it I became excited. Personally I think York is dull and twee. A theme park. But it has its moments. And this is one of them. As are its riverside alleyways. If I remember I’ll post one of them later.

Pipelines and Passageways

A tunnel is an underground passageway. Commonly dug through surrounding soil, earth or rock, and enclosed except for the entrance and exit, usually at each end. Apparently a pipeline is not a tunnel, maybe that is a size thing. Maybe if it is big enough to walk-through it can become one. But then maybe it also needs entrances at each end. And if it has entrances maybe it is no longer a pipeline. Who cares.

A Crap Generated Poem

York’s ancient depths breathe, Tunnel whispers, secrets kept, Shadowed path, age weaves.