The Bridge

a raised bridge

A Road to Nowhere

This bridge is gone now, it was up for ages, it was broken for ages, but now it has gone. Banksy even did a little stencil on it it was up that long. It was a dull little pun if I’m being honest. But other people liked it, they came from miles around to look at it. One person even came to throw paint on it. But now it is gone. I think the council have it under lock and key, ready for another day. I dont know if they have the whole road in a garage, or just a section of the road. Imagine having a garage big enough to put a road in.

Pink Rain Lilly

pink rain lilly

A Pretty Pink Flower

Yeah I like flowers. And I like this pink one. A Pink Rain Lilly. Im trying to remember where I took the photograph. But it was a while ago (over 3 years to be vaguely exact) and my memory struggles. Pink and green go very well together dont you think?.

Pink Rain Lilly

Oh thank you Pink Rain Lilly. Because Ive had to write some words for the SEO ive now got that Psychedelic Furs song (Pretty in Pink) running through my brain… I sorta liked them for a bit, but not that song, in fact its maybe that song which put me off them. Anyway… Eugh.

The First Post

chemical factory pipes

Factory Pipes

There is no real reason why this would or should be the first post on my new website. But there had to be one, and I suppose this seemed as good as any. I like pipes, pipes are good, and so are factories.

The First Post

And these pipes are from a chemical factory on a riverbank.. Im pretty sure when i was a child this place used to pump its crap into the river, but I suppose /assume /hope that because we are modern and enlightened now that this foul loathsome practice has stopped now. The foul loathsome organ has ceased its dirty ditties.